We engage for a sustainable tourism
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ELECTRICITY: We have a very low watt electric contract (2500w for the all property). All lights are Led low consume. No AC, our buildings are naturally cooled. 

WATER: 1 borehole on our land, 6m deep + one electric pump. 1000L water tank on the hill. We use a Nazava Riam filter in order to provide free drinking water for our guests.

TOILETS: We use water free compost toilets. The wood dust comes from the carpenter next door. Compost is made on an upper land and will be reuse for growing plants and fruits.

RECYCLING: Organic wastes are composted. Glass bottles (beers, sodas...) are refundable. Metal cans and plastic bottles are collected and recycled by local merchants.

MATERIALS: We opted for a traditional architecture. The materials are not from deforestation (coconut wood, jati, bamboo, rattan).The furniture comes from local crafts. 

JOBS AND PARTNERSHIPS: We create jobs for local people (2 girls in restaurant, 1 gardener). We establish partnerships with local guides and company and enhance local handicraft products.